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"Dr. Kindseth's main goal is to
make all his patients feel comfortable no matter what kind of dental needs they require, from the simplest to the more complex."

Dr Jeff Kindseth
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Dr. Jeff Kindseth

Through his extensive training in all areas of general dentistry, Dr. Kindseth is able to give his patients the highest standard of care, and he treats his patients as he would his own family.

"Extensive training in all areas
of General Dentistry"

Dr. Kindseth graduated from USC Dental School in 1991. He is married and has 3 children. After over 17 years in practice, Dr. Kindseth continues to have a great passion for solving his patients dental needs.

Dr Jeff Kindseth

Dr. Jeff Kindseth, D.D.S.Dr. Kindseth began his interest in dentistry at a very early age. At 10 years old he underwent not only routine dental work, but also extensive orthodontics to help with his two genetically missing permanent lateral incisor teeth, and jaw surgery to correct his underbite. Through his early experiences with his dentist, orthodontics, and oral surgeon, Dr. Kindseth developed strong professional relationships with them, and he was fascinated and grateful for the results they were able to achieve for him.

Through those experiences, there began a great desire to help others as they had once helped him, and that is where Dr. Kindseth developed his passion for dentistry He is able to relate and empathize with his patients better than he would had he not gone through such extensive treatment himself.